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Push Notifications for an end user

Push Notifications are instant clickable messages/cards which appear on your desktop or mobile device. These notifications can be pushed to you by the websites that you choose to receive notifications from. You can think of these notifications as app notifications, unlike the fact that you do not need to have any app installed and just need to click on a button once to subscribe to a website and start receiving notifications. Push notifications can be delivered to your desktop & mobile devices, even when you don't have a browser open.

How it Works for an End-User?

1. As you visit a website with support for push notifications enabled, you see a prompt (i.e. an opt-in) asking you to allow the website to send you push notifications. As soon as you click on the "Allow" button, you are added to their subscriber list. Yes, its that subtle. You do not need to give them your email ID anymore!

This is how the opt-ins look like on desktop or mobile:

2. Anytime when a website wants to send you an update, it appears on your mobile or desktop (i.e. the device you used to susbcribe to notifications). You can click on these notifications and go to the web-page that the notification specifies.

This is how a notification looks like on your desktop or mobile device:

Push Notifications - Benefits for end users (visitors/subscribers)
Apart from helping the privacy with the email, other benefits include
No spam in inbox
Receive only targetted messages
Extremely subtle way of getting notified

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Push Notifications for Businesses
If you run a business online, you can leverage the power of web push (or, browser push notifications) and grow your business with LetReach's effective & an extremely subtle channel of communication. LetReach gives you the ability to enable your website with Chrome Push Notifications, Safari Push Notifications, Firefox push notifications (coming soon), Android Push Notifications & Mobile Push Notifications.
While web push gives you an edge and enables you to talk in a better way, it also provides you with an immense number of benefits to help you drive more revenues from your business. Check out several benefits that web push offers.

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Click on "Allow" button to see a demo notification.