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LetReach - Re-engage Web Traffic Using Push Notifications

How it Works?

Easy user experience for your visitors to subscribe

Click on Allow Button
Visitors see a prompt asking to allow sending push notifications. As they click on "Allow", they're added to your subscriber list. Using LetReach, you can choose to use the native-browser optins, if your website is SSL enabled. Else, you can use one of our customizable LetReach Smart Opt-ins.

Notifications Appear on the Desktop/Mobile
You can reach your subscribers anytime by sending them instant push notifications. These notifications are delivered to your subscribers' devices (desktop, mobile, or tablet), even when they do not have a browser open. Using LetReach, you can choose to schedule these notifications, or personalize them basis the interest, geography or custom filters.

Click on the Notification to Open the Link
Once these notifications are clicked, your subscribers are re-directed to a URL that you specify. Using LetReach, you can choose to add UTM parameters to the links, and track notifications & subscriber activity with LetReach analytics.

Sounds interesting? See it in action

Push Notifications from Websites - Benefits
LetReach gives you the ability to communicate with your subscribers & users in a very subtle manner using the power of Web Push.

Send app like notifications, but without an app
Website push notifications saves you from all the efforts & cash that you'd otherwise need to invest in building an app & more importantly get it installed.

Notifications that work across all the devices, even desktops
LetReach enables you to send push notifications that can be delivered in real-time from to your subscribers' devices i.e. Android tablet, mobile & even, the desktops. Well, desktop usage still accounts for over 40% of total internet time and web push allows you to tap into that segment as well.

Audience building on steroids with Website Push Notifications
With a very easy & a simple user experience, your visitors are likely to convert really fast & hence, you build an interactive audience very quickly. Well, subscribing to anything is really just a click away now!

Communication that gets you what you deserve
With push notifications, convert every comminication that you send out because its too painful to see those beatiful email newsletters to stay archived- unread & unattented.

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