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LetReach for eCommerce

LetReach helps eCommerce businesses to reach & re-engage its buyers & users by sending them push notifications from its website. This web push is an extremely popular tool among the eCommerce websites and is being widely used by websites like eBay, etc. to grow their re-engagements.

Browser Push Notifications - What more?
Browser Push Notifications are clickable cards/messages that can be delivered instantly to your subscribers' devices (desktop, mobile & Android tablet), even when your buyers/users do not have their browser open. Well, you really do not need to build an app now to reach & re-engage your users/buyers!

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Why should you use LetReach if you're an eCommerce website?
An eCommerce website can use LetReach & choose to send browser push notifications to reach & re-engage its buyers or signed-up users. Well, following benefits come packaged with the power of web push.

Website as an app
Send app like notifications, but without an app
Website push notifications saves you from all the efforts & cash that you'd otherwise need to invest in building an app & more importantly get it installed.

Increased Conversion
Enable your team close more sales- automatically
Reduce your cart-abandonment rate by pushing instant deals & notifications to users who left the items unordered. We know that losing hard-earned customers is too painful.

Re-engagement at Scale
Notify your users with personalized offers, deals & product updates
Scale re-engagement and touch base with your inactive users by notifying them with personalized notifications. Send notifications with deals, or offer updates basis their interest & on-site behaviour. Build relationships & improve your earnings.

Respects Urgency
Send time-sensitive messages or updates to your offline users
Need to send a time-limited deal or announce a sale? Use web push notifications and instantly reach your users on their desktop, mobile or tablet with push notifications, even when they are not on your website.

How can an eCommerce website start sending Browser Push Notifications?
LetReach provides an easy and a quick setup to enable web push notifications on your website. Its so quick that you can start sending notifications in minutes.
Copy-paste LetReach code
As you sign up for LetReach account, you get a unique line of code that you need to copy-paste before the closing head </head> of the website.
Collect Subscribers
Once you're done adding this code, your visitors see an optin on your web page asking them to subscribe to push notifications from you. To subscribe, all they need to do is to click on a button. Yes, that's it.
Start sending notifications
You can send push notifications in real-time to all your subscribers. Once clicked on, your subscribers are re-directed to a URL that you specify. Yes, its that easy!

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