Android Push Notifications

Android push notifications are clickable messages which you send to your subscribers on their Android tablet or mobile phones from your website. This means that you do not necessarily need to invest your effort & money in building an Android app for your business as the power of web push enables you to bring the same engagement to your websites with a cost-effective solution. So, in case you are an SMB and are looking to enagage your traffic with push notifications, its high time you should get started with a LetReach account.

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How can you start sending Mobile Push Notifications from your website?

LetReach provides an easy and a quick setup to enable web push notifications on your website. It's so quick that you can start sending notifications in minutes.
Copy-paste LetReach code
As you sign up for LetReach account, you get a unique line of code that you need to copy-paste before the closing head </head> of the website.
Collect Subscribers
Once you're done adding this code, your visitors see an optin on your web page asking them to subscribe to push notifications from you. To subscribe, all they need to do is to click on a button. Yes, that's it.
Start sending notifications
You can send push notifications in real-time to all your subscribers. Once clicked on, your subscribers are re-directed to a URL that you specify. Yes, its that easy!

Bring the power of web push to your websites for FREE in minutes & start sending notifications.

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